For the month of March Igloo Gallery will be hosting a show I curated entitled,”Animal Magnetism.”Be sure to go see it if you are near Portland,Oregon. The show features a wide array of artists.There will be sculpture, drawing, painting, and video work on display from artists:Matthew Palladino, Issei Watanabe, Jesse Walker, Jason Traeger, Nate Moss, and Jimmy Joe should be a rad time.


there is a new ENRG release coming out within a week or so. Ive got all the music recorded. it is just a mtter of making the cd cases. havent figure out how im gonna distribute them yet. I am thinking the edition will be of 50 Cdrs with unique numbered containers.Stay posted. To hear some of the tunes visit Myspace.

Welcome to the blog of portland based artist Matthew Green. i make music under the name ENRG, and this where all tihngs relating to such will take place.